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Meteor Blast HTML5

2013-03-16 12:31:57 by ChromeShark

I've just released my first HTML5 game, based on my game Meteor Blast which got front page here on Newgrounds way back in 2008.

The HTML5 version isn't a remake, but based on the same idea of shooting the meteors with the right color of laser. The new version also supports touch screens, so you can tap the laser you want to fire.

I don't think Newgrounds supports HTML5 games yet, so the game is currently only available on my website Evolved Arcade:

It's a simple game but has mostly the same feel as the Flash version so I'm fairly happy with it. At least, it's better than the awful 3D version I made a couple of years back.


Thanks Tom for letting me submit to Newgrounds, it's now available here:

Meteor Blast HTML5

Evolved Arcade

2012-05-02 09:51:44 by ChromeShark

I just launched a new website Evolved Arcade, what do people think?

There's installable versions for Chrome and Facebook.

Not sure what features to add next so let me know if you have any ideas.

Evolved Arcade

Evolved Online Games for Chrome

2011-02-14 09:16:31 by ChromeShark

Anyone out there using Google Chrome?

A couple of months ago I launched a Flash game App for the Chrome Web Store, if you're into Flash games you can install it out free from the Store:

Evolved Online Games - Chrome Web Store

I just launched version 2.0 with integrated search and I've started work on the next version. If you have any ideas it'd be great to hear them.

New(ish) Buffy Game

2010-08-26 15:33:58 by ChromeShark

Five years ago I released my first major game to Newgrounds, Chronicles of the Slayer, with help from animator Mutant-Enemy (who made some pretty nice Buffy cartoons too). To mark the occasion I've released a new Anniversary Edition of the game!

The new version features simpler controls, improved graphics and many minor tweaks. It's far from a full remake, but I think the end result is a much better game. Especially if you like Buffy!

You can currently play it exclusively at ChromePlay and I'll be releasing it on Newgrounds very soon.

Update - It's on Newgrounds now!

New(ish) Buffy Game

Fresh Chromeness

2010-05-15 11:54:09 by ChromeShark

I just launched a brand new look for my gaming site ChromePlay, check it out here!

ChromePlay has nothing to do with Google's similarly named browser, but I do run a Chrome Extension for the site, use it to find out the latest games right from your browser.

Like the new look? Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

(PS, Chrome vs Firefox, where do you stand?)

Happy Egg Snatch Day!!

2010-04-04 06:19:04 by ChromeShark

Get your webcam out , because its that time of year again...

Play Egg Snatch!

Updated for 2010! Happy snatching.

Happy Egg Snatch Day!!

Meteor Blast 3D, Hiatus

2010-03-18 17:03:37 by ChromeShark

New game in the Flash Portal, Meteor Blast 3D! I started this 6 months ago, but life got in the way and it took me this long to complete it and release it. Play here:

As it says in the game description, this is probably my last game and submission to Newgrounds. This is purely due to time commitments - I'm now working as a full time Flash developer and simply cannot find the time to do any more Flash outside of work.

Without getting too sentimental, Newgrounds was what got me into Flash, which has led me to moving to London to work in a job that I love. This wouldn't have happened without all the support I've had from this website, and I can't thank you all enough.

What do you wish for Xmas?

2009-12-22 06:51:11 by ChromeShark

This may be one of the least appropriate links posted to Newgrounds, but these are desperate times:

Go here to make a wish through Twitter (or just use the #tweetawish hash tag) and we'll make a star for your wish and donate to the Make a Wish foundation.

All wishes will also appear on our screen in Liverpool Street Station, London (see the picture below!).

We're still way off our target so tell everyone you can about the site and make them Tweet their wishes too.

What do you wish for Xmas?

New Job / Meteor Blast 3D

2009-11-07 14:27:12 by ChromeShark

Three weeks ago I was hired as a full-time Flash Developer for Glue in London! The company has an incredible list of clients who I'll be working alongside, who'd have thought making Flash games for Newgrounds would lead to an awesome job!

Having a full time job doesn't leave me with much time for my own Flash games but I'm already close to finishing my next one - Meteor Blast 3D. This is the third game in my Meteor Blast series that's been completely recoded from scratch to use the Away3D engine.

As my first 3D Flash game this wont look spectacular, but I'm keeping things simple and I think it'll be more fun than Synergy that some people found over-complicated. Although the game is very nearly finished, it's hard finding time to wrap things up so its still hard to say a release date - but hopefully some time this year!

For anyone wondering about Chromium 2, it is in production but I have huge plans for this and it'll be a while before I have anything to post about. Check back in 2010!

NG Meet V & news stuff

2009-08-10 11:14:19 by ChromeShark

As usual I feel the need to make a post following the NG London Meet 5 (I'm not on the list of names, I expect Luis had a special list he forgot to put up). This was my 4th one so felt more like meeting up with friends than an arranged event, but it was also great meeting a few of the newcomers.

After most meets I say I'll stop by the forums more often and forget to post until the next one comes round, so this'll likely be the same. If I met you and haven't got you on Facebook already it'd be great if you could add me.

Summary of what else I've been up to - last week I launched a massive redesign and update of my gaming website ChromePlay, some of the more original aspects are still in the works but it'd be great if you could check it out (comments welcome!). Also this week I will finally be releasing Chromium to Newgrounds so look out for that in the portal!

Keeping the news brief but if you care what I'm up to I post regularly on my new-ish website