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Meteor Blast HTML5

2013-03-16 12:31:57 by ChromeShark

I've just released my first HTML5 game, based on my game Meteor Blast which got front page here on Newgrounds way back in 2008.

The HTML5 version isn't a remake, but based on the same idea of shooting the meteors with the right color of laser. The new version also supports touch screens, so you can tap the laser you want to fire.

I don't think Newgrounds supports HTML5 games yet, so the game is currently only available on my website Evolved Arcade:


It's a simple game but has mostly the same feel as the Flash version so I'm fairly happy with it. At least, it's better than the awful 3D version I made a couple of years back.


Thanks Tom for letting me submit to Newgrounds, it's now available here:


Meteor Blast HTML5


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2013-03-16 12:34:03

Fun story: Newgrounds actually does support uploading html5 games. You just have to be given access to upload them. PM Tom about it.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the tip, I didn't know. I'll message Tom.


2013-03-17 10:46:57

HTML5 is rad


2013-03-17 10:57:14

Wait, there were some HTML games here!

ChromeShark responds:

There's only options for Flash on the submit page, I guess non-Newgrounds people can't add them yet?